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Wine coolers are electronic units used to store bottles of wine in ideal conditions to preserve the wine’s flavour and aroma for up to one year. All the variables that maintain wine as its optimum quality can be controlled by a wine cooler such as temperature and humidity levels. The tinted glass also protects the wine from ultraviolet light. Racks are angled and designed to hold each bottle of wine in the correct position. They come in a variety of sizes, styles and cooling methods with different features and prices.

Sizes and prices

There is a wide range of coolers to choose from. An important consideration will be the size of the wine fridge so that it fits into an appropriate space in your kitchen and holds the number of bottles you require. For most people who want to store only a few bottles at a time, small wine coolers are sufficient. They will hold 6-20 bottles and cost between $100-$300. A medium sized cooler, holding 20-40 bottles will cost around $300-$600. Larger coolers for the serious wine collector will hold over one hundred bottles and cost $1000 and more. The basic consideration will be how many bottles of wine you want to have ready for serving at any one time, and if you wish to age wine in your cooler as well.

The largest wine storage coolers tend to be used in distilleries and hotels where a lot of wine is being stored to age and also served frequently. These mimic the traditional cellar but allow for greater control of temperature and humidity. Some of these coolers have three different temperature zones: one for aging wines and storing red wines, one for chilling white wines and the third coolest compartment for chilling sparkling wines. One of these coolers will cost around $2000. They are ideal in hot climates.

Different designs

Coolers come in different shapes and dimensions to fit into home environment. For those who lack countertop and floor space, there is the innovative design of a wall-mounted wine refrigerator which is compact and provides a 6 bottle wine cooler. Having it at eye-level also provides easy access. Some people like a countertop cooler as they don’t take up floor space and are easy to reach, requiring no bending, while others prefer to have under counter wine coolers. Many people opt for free-standing wine cooler cabinets. The more expensive option is to have a built-in cooler which sits flush with the rest of the cabinetry.

Custom features

A cooler for wine is a part of your home furniture and adds to the décor of a room and so manufacturers have produced a variety of styles for you to choose from. Wine chillers have different material and color finishes such as stainless steel, chrome, silver and black polyester. You can choose coolers with solid doors to keep out the light but most people like to show their wine display and so glass that has been treated against UV is often chosen. Glass is usually reflective or tinted. Modern designs offer electronic touch-button controls and digital displays. Many wine fridges also have special interior LED lighting to showcase your wine. As 紅酒櫃 , many have pull-out and adjustable shelving and reversible door swing. Furthermore, to protect your investment, coolers also come with security locks.

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