Breast Augmentations and Gummy Bears

Breast augmentations increase the fullness in the female breasts and gummy bears are chewy candies that originated in Germany. A new technology has come up with implants that are similar to these candies.

Traditional implants are usually filled with saline solution, which is similar to the salt water that is naturally found in one’s body, or silicone. Strongest cbd cream Canada The gummy bear devices are also made of a type of silicone, but it’s a bit different. The candy is soft, pliable and flexible and so are these modern medical devices. They effectively hold their shape as the particles contained by the newer models are designed to stay that way.

They are “cross-linked” which causes them to stay in their intended originally molded shape. Problems occurring with some of the earlier types were that their configuration lost shape after being inserted into a woman’s body. The new technology allows the shape to be maintained and to appear to be extremely natural. The texture is somewhat firmer than saline or the traditional silicone, but still relatively natural feeling. Approval for these gummy bosoms has been obtained in Europe and Canada.

The United States has been conducting clinical trials and so far the results have been quite favorable. There have been fewer problems with capsular contraction. Capsular contraction is when the breasts become hardened and misshapen due to the scarring. There have been fewer issues with leakage with these new types, as well.

Breast implants come in a variety of sizes and it is important to select ones that appears natural and that align with one’s bone structure and body type. If too large of a size is chosen, the woman’s physique may appear matronly or top-heavy. If too small of a size is chosen, the effects will not be very noticeable.

Different shapes and textures are also available. The shapes may be round or teardrop and offer graduated levels of protrusion. The goal here is again to align with the body type so that it appears curvy and as a gift bestowed by nature rather than something false.

Textures may be smooth or rough and will depend on patient and doctor preference. Implants may be inserted via the navel, armpit, or beneath the curve of the breast or even by opening the nipple/areola with an incision.

This is an outpatient procedure which means that the patient will go home on the same day as the operation. Gummy bear breast augmentations are on the cutting edge of sweetening up the allure of a woman’s bust line.

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