How to Write Blog Posts That Others Want to Link To

How to Write Blog Posts That Others Want to Link To

Blogging is definitely one of the best ways to do internet marketing these days. You can use it to establish your expertise in your niche, to build relationship with your prospects, and to become more visible in the online arena. One of the things that you can do to become a more successful blogger is to get as many reputable sites and blogs to link to your own blog. The more links you build, the better your page ranking will get.

In this article, I wish to help you write blog posts that others would find extremely enticing so you can boost the number of your inbound links in no time. Here’s what you need to do:


    1. First, carefully choose the topics that you’re going to cover. If you can talk about something that is pretty recent or controversial, the better. Go to forums where your potential clients usually mingle and take note of the things that they find extremely interesting. You can also list down their most frequent questions or the problems that affect most of them. These are the best topics for your blog posts as they can easily attract the attention of your target audience. Amazing Posting


    1. Research. Check out articles and blog posts related to the topics that you would like to cover on your posts. You would want to know the information that’s already out there so you can figure out how you can make your posts unique or way better. Also, interview other experts if you think that there’s a need for it. This way, you can make your posts not just compelling but extremely informative as well.


    1. Provide amazing information. More people will surely link to your blog posts if you make them extremely informative, useful, and interesting. So, be very generous especially when giving out useful, in-depth information. Grab each opportunity that will allow you to showcase your expertise in your niche. Offer expert tips and advice, spill in trade secrets, share insider tips, and offer amazing, useful how-to guides. If you do all of these, your blog will surely be considered a great source of information in no time.


    1. Make it interesting to read. Although online users are thirsty for information, they do not really have the patience to read online resources that are downright boring. So, make yours not just informative but entertaining as well. You can do this by following these steps:


    • Write using friendly, conversational tone
    • Use simple language (no big words or highly technical terms and complicated paragraphs please)
    • Ask questions
    • Share relevant stories and personal experiences
    • Insert relevant images, illustrations, videos, and graphs
    • Make use of short sentences and number list
  1. Use just the right amount of keywords. I know you would want your blog posts to rank really well on relevant search page results but loading them with too many keywords will not help you achieve that. To make your posts search engine and reader-friendly, ensure that you do not use your keywords more than twice for every 100 words.


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