The 10 Smartest Things You Can Do for Your Business Attire This Year

The British have a saying. They will call someone a smart dresser. This does not mean someone that is able to hack the Prada website to get their clothes 90% off. It means someone who is clean-looking, well put together, and stylish. It is more Kate Middleton than Kate Moss. Both are stylish dressers, but you would say that Kate Middleton is a “smarter” dresser.

There is no place more appropriate to be a smart dresser than at work. There are very smart things that you can do to and for your business attire. So listen up and smarten up. Here are ten things you can do right away to increase the IQ of your business attire.


    1. Add a pussy bow blouse into your work wardrobe rotation. It is the easiest way to up your wardrobe game. It also comes with the added benefit of pulling off the sexy secretary or sexy librarian look.


    1. Get a statement necklace. It’s so easy to throw this on with anything and look like you are trying. T-shirt with necklace = smart. Blouse with necklace = smart. Tank top with necklace = smart. It’s so easy.


    1. Shoes in an unusual color. Step outside the box and get a pair of shoes that are red, emerald green, canary yellow, or royal purple. Just get something that will set you apart and stand out. Throw them on occasionally with your different work outfits and people will instantly think you are a fashionista. No one will suspect that you secretly go home and change into a pair of Birkenstocks.


    1. Invest in a great watch. It does not have to be a very expensive one, but it should be something that looks nice on your wrist. It instantly makes you look like you are more professional.


    1. Get a white blazer and a black blazer and throw them on and interchange them. Here is the “smart” trick: don’t wear the black one with black or the white one with white. Intermix them. A blazer makes you look more pulled together, even if you are just wearing a t-shirt and jeans to work. A blazer is also a great way to cover up skin, so you can wear tanks and other skin-baring tops.


    1. Get a pair of black opaque tights or black wool tights. You will be surprised by how many of your skirts and dresses become work appropriate when you are not showing so much skin. Throw on opaque tights, wool tights, or even leggings under some of your favorite dresses to get away with wearing them at work.


    1. You will also need a long black blazer. This is to wear with your dresses. Again, the long blazer will allow you to wear more form-fitting clothes to work because it will covering up the Kardashian pieces (hips and butt).


    1. You also need to learn to channel your inner prepster. Get a button-up blouse that has an emblem on the upper breast. It can be a crest, an alligator, logo, or a polo pony. This is awesome because you can wear it with jeans and look dressed pusssy888 apk up. There have even been studies that show that when you wear a designer logo, you are perceived better, and clothing has even been shown to increase charity donations if the solicitor is wearing a designer logo.


    1. A very smart item for your wardrobe is a cardigan because it is not as stuffy as a suit blazer. However, instead of getting a solid color cardigan and looking like the stay-at-home mom in a dish detergent commercial, you can get a cardigan with a print or pattern on it, like houndstooth, plaid, floral, striped, or polka dot. This adds a little personality to this smarty pants item in your wardrobe.


  1. Last but not least is the t-shirt bra in the correct size. This bra will help your clothes to lie nicely against your body, and if you get it in the correct size, you’ll notice that (surprise!) you’ll look like you have more of a waist.


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