The truth About Hypnois and Hypnotherapists

Most of us have seen tv programs depicting hypnotists as diabolical criminals who wish to control their underlings and cause them to perform illegal or immoral acts. The villain looks into the eyes of the naive soul and before you know it they are in a hypnotic trance and unable to stop themselves from doing dastardly deeds.

The unfortunate portrayal of a hypnotic approach as a form of mind control has left individuals in particular without the use of an important tool to Workshops and course in Human Alchemy help deal with many issues interfering with the enjoyment of life. In reality, a hypnotic approach and hypnotherapists have been used in therapeutic and medical domains for years and years. There are even records of ancient cultures using “trance” for healing ceremonies over 5000 years ago.

The first and probably the most important thing to know is that no one can make you do something you do not need to do, even if you have been hypnotised. A hypnotic approach is a state of mind; your brain. If you would not do something in your normal state of mind you will not do it while hypnotised, plain and simple.

A hypnotic approach gives you access to your unconscious mind. This is where your true self lives. Your wants and desires and beliefs all live here. Your morals and understanding of life all live here. If you believe in your heart that it is not okay to do something, there is no way you will do it simply because you have been hypnotised.

People use the stage shows they see where people cluck like chickens or will often bark like dogs as an example of men and women being built to do something against their will. Believe me when i say that those people would do the things they are doing on stage even if they are not in a hypnotic approach. They may use being hypnotised as permission to do something silly, feeling that they just weren’t responsible, but they would not have inked it if they did not want to.

I have also heard that some people think they will get stuck in a hypnotic approach.

The truth is you cannot get stuck in a hypnotic approach. I have never heard of anyone getting stuck in a hypnotic approach. Wouldn’t there be legal cases and private hospitals full of people who are in a constant state of a hypnotic approach? Insurance premiums would be outrageous because of the possibility of someone getting stuck in a hypnotic approach.

What would really happen is you would either fall asleep or you would emerge from a hypnotic approach automatically. Even the greatest of meditators do not worry about getting stuck in an altered state. It does not happen.

A hypnotic approach is not an not naturally made state that can be charged upon you by someone of a higher brains or capacity to control your brain. The hypnotic state is actually a natural state of mind that we all go into and out of many times a day.

Look at the times you wander off in your head and are not really aware of the proceedings around you. Those are hypnotic states. Have you ever been fully absorbed in a good book you have been in a hypnotic state. It is natural and we each do it many times a day.

What makes hypnotherapists special is that we make use of this hypnotic state to work on conditions that are interfering with your lives. We can access the unconscious mind and make changes to benefit us. As mentioned earlier, the unconscious mind houses all our beliefs and morals and ideas and we can make positive changes in our lives by making changes in the unconscious mind. A clinical hypnotherapist is trained to use therapeutic methods to make the changes we desire in our unconscious minds. Those changes are then integrated and turn into a part of our daily lives.

Another thing I hear is, ‘Hypnosis is for stopping smoking and weight loss, right? inch

Well it can be used for them, it is true, but clinical hypnotherapists can be used for pretty much anything you want to improve in your life. Besides not smoking and weight loss, you can use hypnotherapists for fears and phobic disorders. It has proved very useful in reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety. People use hypnotherapists for sleep issues, eating disorders, hypertension, pain management, to stop nail gnawing at, for fertility issues and child birth.

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