Write Error-Free Articles

You can’t possibly write a good article if it’s ridden with spelling mistakes, superficiality or borrowed or plagiarized themes. In fact, a budding writer like you would do well to avoid making the following few mistakes, which writers usually make. This is your first step to achieving perfection on your path to being a good and respected writer.

Don’t disappoint your readers with a weak title. Every good writer invests heavily in an eyeball-catching headline, since this is believed to be the main reason for reading your article.

So, go on, think up a short and simple but direct headline-one that’s certainly not dull or boring. You might also like to consider using keyword research tools to drive more traffic towards your article.

Don’t copy ideas or articles word-for-word. If you’re looking for a subject idea to write on, researching the Net is fine. But if you copy an article you find on the Net and pass it off as your own, that’s downright unethical and will be taken as plagiarism.

But why should a talented writer like you resort to something like this when you can be fresh and original in your writings. If you produce original work, you will feel better for all your effort, especially when your articles fetch you a good price.

Punctuation, grammar and spelling mistakes: It’s a good idea to ask a friend or teacher to go over your essay or article and check it for spellings or grammar. Check that you have short sentences, each linked to the other and to the next paragraph.

Develop a writing style which engages the pay for essay reddit serious reader as well as the reader in a hurry. However, all readers on the Net expect short, easily digestible articles rather than a thesis on a pet subject.

Don’t use body text to promote yourself. If you do this, any intelligent reader will see through your ruse and stop reading your piece. Besides, why should a good writer like you resort to something so base?

Don’t change your tone of voice: At the outset, decide if you want to write in the first person (I or me), second person (we, us and you) or third person (they, them). Now, stick with your decision until you finish the article.

Don’t write on what interests you but what people want to know about. By being of service to your reader, research what people are looking for before you begin to write. Write articles that are filled with useful information for your reader.

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